The Igbo People; Who Are Their Ancestors


Do you think there is any lost tribe of the Jews in Africa?

Is this lost tribe aware that it’s lost? If yes, then, they are no more lost because they are aware…

Have they been able to trace their original settle and have they moved returned home?

Were they welcomed by their brother nation?

If they have not moved yet, then, what are they still waiting for because surely they are not Africans, they were lost into African but now they know their true nation…

Do you really think there is any lost alien tribe in Africa?

The aliens have a way, they have carefully planned to take out Africa from the original creation narrations.

First they called us “Africa” which was never our true name… we were called ALKEBULAN, meaning “Mother of mankind or human race” or “Eden garden”.

Ok! Let’s say that we were forcefully blinded by slavery, so we accepted the name the aliens or enslavers politically gave to our race BUT this must be repositioned, redefined and reprogrammed in the heart and mind of the African child, that “AFRICA IS THE CREATOR’S SOIL”.

The Earth defines our DNA… it affirms that the Creator God only created people with the kind of skin coloration that qualifies the earth and put in them the potentials to give birth or procreate all other nations.

I tell you the truth as an Afrotheologian and philosopher, that our ancestors were never Jews rather the Jews evolved or were descendants of African fathers; by the standard of creation and skin texture.

The aliens called us the “Black world or continent” because they intentionally desired to define us colourless or as a people without colour… because “Black” actually means absence of colour… BUT we have a colour! Our colour is the colour of creation.

We are a unique people with the creation colour… if you mix all the colours in the world, what you will get will almost look like the colour of creation or earth… that is who we are! The first created beings were Alkebukans.

Africans evolved from Africans! We did not evolve from any other nation except AFRICA, because the entire nations of the world are Africans by creation…they are all descendants of African ancestors.

By the enslavers political mapping, Africans do not evolve from any other non-African nation and are not descendants of any non-African tribe…that will only subject Africans more into slavery perpetually.

The African child must know that all other nations or races were birthed by the creation-skin ancestral fathers, so there is no way African tribes can be birthed by non-African tribes or nations.

As an African child you should be aware that two dark-skinned African couple of completely dark-skinned ancestral parents can give birth to a white-skinned progeny but it is not same in the case of two white-skinned couples of completely white-skinned ancestral parents and this is a prove that all races were birthed by the dark-skinned ancestral parents.

On this foundation, theories or school of thoughts that define some African tribes to have migrated from non-African tribes and the ones that claim certain tribes of Africa to be lost tribes of certain non-African tribes or nations are to be revisited as Afrotheologie do not subscribe to such theories.

No African tribe should be qualified as a lost tribe of a certain non-African tribe.

For instance, there is a school of thought or theory that holds that the Igbo (Ibo) tribe is a lost tribe of the Jewish nation or Israel.

So, they trace their origin to the Israel nation.

The questions one should ask are:

  • Are the Jewish people or Jewish nation aware of their lost tribe in Nigeria, Africa?
  • What is their plan or do they have any plan to take their found tribe (Igbo) back to their land?
  • Are the Igbo tribes making plan to leave Nigeria to resettle in their original land?
  • Will the Jews open their hands to joyfully welcome their lost tribe should even ten percent of the Igbo tribes decides to return home?
  • Will they be accepted as brothers and sisters without the standard of conversion and membership into Judaism?
  • Will Igbo tribe be given their ancestral land in Israel to occupy?

Listen carefully! Our ancestors were never Jews…this is the truth, the Igbo man might find difficult to accept.

Africans are birthed by Africans! None of our ancestral tribes were birthed by non-African nations.

For MIGRATION of African tribes, one could consider it relatively. A set of Africans can leave African to settle in a non-African nation, then, later move to a different place…it is considered migration.

There would be no complexity if it is said that a particular set of Africans left Africa to settle in a non-African nation, then, migrated from the non-African tribe to eventually settle in another region of Africa.

But it would be complex to say that a certain tribe in Africa migrated from a non-African tribe without stating their pre-existence region; making the readers or audience have the notion that the place of migration was their first place of settlement.

For instance, when I say that the Yako people migrated from a non-African country or tribe like United State, and finally settled in Nigeria, Africa.

Then, the message passed seem to mean that Yako people originally settled in United State, then, migrated to Africa and finally settled in Nigeria…this information also contains the factor that alludes that the Yako people are not Africans, because the message never told the audience that Yako people left Africa and settled in United State before migrating back to Africa.

Any African child who holds to this type of narration would need to revisit his or her faculty and put things right.

The IGBO tribe has one of its versions of origin similar to the case described above. It is called the ISRAELI VERSION.

We would not talk about the version, since we already know it’s implications BUT it should be noted that this theory or assumption of the Igbo originating from Israel, was put forward based on the similarities between the Igbo cultures and Hebrew cultures.

Perhaps, there are a lot of linguistic similarities between the Igbo and Egypt and culture similarities.

Anthropologically, according to the Nri version, which Professor M.A. Onwuejeogwu (2000) regarded as the only authentic version of the origin of the Igbo people.


The Nri version holds that ERI, the ancestral father and progenitor of the Igbo tribe descended from the sky and sailed down the River Anambra (Omambala).

He eventually arrived at Aguleri, where he met some autochthonous individuals who had no living memory of their beings and settled with them.

The increase of the people led to some groups that migrated to form other parts of Igboland and establish their own settlements.

You must understand that “Aguleri” was not called Aguleri from the beginning because the people Eri met there couldn’t recall their existence activities.

“Aguleri”  as name implies is a combination of Eri’s son “Agulu” and Eri, that is AGULU + ERI resulted to the name AGULERI.

So, it was when Eri faded away mortality, that his son Agulu took over the land as a leader and the land was then called AGULERI. It was during the reign of Agulu, that the people multiplied more and separated or spread to form more Igbo communities.

Aguleri became the land of ritualistic activities. There is this Igbo adage that hold “No one breaks a kolanut in the gathering but an Aguleri man if he is present.” That is, you can not break kolanut in any gathering when Aguleri man is in that gathering…you must give him to break it.

It is believed that before a king is corronated as a king, he must first visit the land of Aguleri for ritualistic sacrifices and to receive a royal blessings for seven days.

One thing that is unique about this version is the fact that it stated clearly how Eri first settled in Egypt, and worked as a high priest or diviner during the reign of Joseph as a minister in Egypt.

While in Egypt, Eri had a revelation of the intending slavery of the people he came for, will go through, so he left Egypt through the Nile river, crossed the Venue river, moved by the sides of Niger river and settled in the confluence region with his followers, and there he had a son called NRI, that eventually formed the Nri tribe.

Some scholars presented the narration of Eri to almost look like that of Jesus and the Israeli theory scholars still in the verge of connecting the origin of Igbo to Israel, qualified Eri to be the son of Gad, one of the sons of Jacob…they hold that the concubine of Gad, gave birth to Eri. Holding to this theory will reduce the sacredness and the purity of Eri as a being that came from the sky unlike the case of Jesus where Mary was betrothed to Joseph not a concubine.

If history is not argued critically, we wouldn’t arrive at a close to perfection narrations. So, Eri had four sons and a daughter.

Some scholars from Nri tribe believed that Nri was the first son of Eri while scholars from Aguleri believed that Agulu was the first son of Eri. In fact, some believed that ERI had Agulu while in Egypt and Agulu migrated from Egypt with his father.

It is important to note, that NRI had some priestly ordination and was gifted in spiritual activities, so Eri made him his heir.

At a certain age of maturity, Nri left his father to establish his own place or settlement called the Nri land, which eventually became NRI KINGDOM prior to his death.

When Nri heard that ERI his father had faded away mortality, he returned back to Aguleri, where he stayed for a long period, so that his wish to be buried in Aguleri when he dies can be fulfilled.

NRI KINGDOM was considered by some scholars as a transfer of mystical potentials from Eri to Nri.

The leadership of the Nri kingdom is theocratic in a way because it is centered on divine selection, so to become a king was not limited to the descendants of Nri but must be from the ancestral lineage of ERI.

By divine selection, history has it that the chosen one (king to be) to seat on the leadership throne must have no mother and father…the mother would die a few days or weeks after his birth and must have no surviving father.

A death ritual is performed on him, which signifies death to himself and has become a complete vessel of divinities or spirits and the people.

Aguleri tribe is the final place to visit for the completion of ritualistic sacrifices and seven days royal blessings before the corronation.

During the mortal existence of Eri just like Jesus, he instituted a festival or feast called IDUU CULTURAL FESTIVAL (OLILI OBI BIA ERI).

The Nri people (Anambra) celebrates the Eri festival (Iduu) yearly, which is done to recall or mark the period Eri arrived at the Agbanagbo-Ezu-na-Omambala (confluence region of Ezu or Mamu river and Omamba or Osimir river)

Omambala river is a tributary of Niger river also called Anambra river.

Possibly, it could be the settlement of Eri around the confluence of Omambala and Ezu, which brought or gave birth to the IDAH version of the Igbo origin…since the region is around Niger and Benue rivers.

But you must know as an African child that your ancestors were never JEWS.

Also the settlement of Eri in Egypt is a strong support that Igbo came out from ancient Egypt…in fact, the word “Ndi-Igbo it Ndigbo” means “the ancient people”.

Although this narration did not seem to tell the readers if the autochthonous group of people Eri met were a subsection of Egypt or not….but after a careful narration and digest of the narration, you would agree that ERI settled in EGYPT and functioned as one of the high priests or diviners before he left Egypt and sailed through Omambala river (Anambra river) and finally arrived at the land that has the autochthonous people; he was able to manage and heal their senses…today they are called Aguleri and Nri people…they form the Anambra state in Nigeria.

Our ancestors were never JEWS!

Other versions that define the origin of the Igbo people include:

  • IDAH version that claims that some groups such as the Umunri migrated from the Idah.
  • BENIN version that holds that the Onitsha and Delta Igbo (Igbo on the other side of Niger river) have their origin linked to Benin.
  • AWKA or ORLU version that claims that Awka or Orlu is the centre of origin of the Igbo people from where they dispersed to other places or settlements.

Afrotheologie sincerely seeks your criticisms and corrections.



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