Fattening; The Rituals Surrounding It

FATTENING And Its Rituals

One would say that it is all about food and becoming healthy looking before entering a new home as a wife BUT it goes beyond this context. I call “Fattening” the last parental marriage education for the female child and “fattening room” as the last parental marriage classroom…it is a preliminary programme for the female child that is ripe for fertility or that would be ripe soon for fertility.

Some societies do it from age 6 or 10 and above. It was a prestigious ritual for the female child, and proudly observed by families but the colonizers or enslavers philosophies seem to have nullified this valued African marriage ritualistic practice and has planted wrong view in the African child.

FATTENING includes:

  • Circumcision (clitoridectomy)…this is called Kukpo, if I am right in it’s spelling. Some people call it genital mutilation to help destroy the ideal practice of the African people.
  • Marriage education…how to treat the husband, make food early for the home, work hard to support the home, save and manage resources, respect and see the husband as lord and head of the family.
  • Pregnancy rituals

So, some communities have the fattening in three stages.

Today our marriage are faced with so much negative attitudes from the wives because the fattening ritual has been made SATANIC according to the aliens or enslavers.

Fattening ritual has played vital role in the ancient wives and homes of the married people. Today, wives have seen themselves equal with their husbands in all ramifications.

Lack of it today, is one of the factors why we have so much divorces in our today’s societies, whether the African child accepts it or not.

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We must understand that for anyone to colonize a people, he must first spoil their religiosity, spirituality, cultures, values and traditions before introducing colonization.

We need to wake as Africans to promote and redefine our religiosity, spirituality, values, cultures, rituals, etc., and whatever the aliens have qualified Satanic. The very reason why you, I and every other African child studied the Greek philosophies is for us to use it to redefine, rediscover our Africanness.

FATTENING is not to make the female child physically healthy…it is aimed to also build the spiritual or mystical life of the female child.

The female child is to get matured in character and conduct after going through the fattening education.

The female child is to get matured in socializing and communication after fattening.

There are a lot of benefits physically and spiritually that come with the fattening ritual processes but Westernized modernity and colonization have fooled the African and had destroyed rituals that were divinely established for the betterment of our societies.

Let us wake Africans!



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