Diabolism; You Have Been Lied To



This is an Excerpt from the book “Afrotheologie…ancient stone” by Tchr ESSIEN.

Diabolism is viewed theologically as the action aided or caused by the devil, and could be viewed in what some religious people qualify as sorcery, witchcraft. It is the character or condition of a devil. It is a doctrine concerning devils. It is a belief in or worship of devils. Diabolism has to do with spirituality, so it involves a lot of ritualistic processes.

Philosophically, it is viewed as a practice of understanding, serving and emulating the organizational structures of Hell. The diabolist in this context believed that hell is most ordered and rational society in the Great Beyond or afterlife or mystical world and sincerely wish to transform himself and his environment or surroundings to model the perfect structure of Hell.

Diabolists admire hierarchical systems of power, the virtue of strong leadership and dominating potential; they also understand that pleasure cannot exist without pain and suffering, the suppression of free will, and the value of slavery.

They are aware of the necessity of opposing forces and respect the powers that govern well structured orders in all the planes or spheres or domains.

The theological and philosophical views of diabolism point to an oppressive end even if it involves the spill of blood or dead of the victim to the uplift of the diabolist because it is an integral part of Satanism.

The diabolists see diabolism to be a positive practice in the society. So, the life of the people doesn’t really matter in diabolism because the actual aim of Satanism must be fulfilled. The human race or religions that disagree with the practice of diabolism have their evaluation tools that they use to define actions that are diabolic. These tools are used to examine certain actions carried out by a priest or an individual towards another individual or a people or animals or other objects.

They believe that an individual is been killed through diabolic means by a divine order.

The blood of animals or human (in some cases) is been used for diabolic action.

Inflicting of pains, disease on an individual.

The working of signs and wonders; for instance causing the blind to see or dead to rise again through diabolic means.

Accepting wealth and riches through diabolic means.

It should be noted that the word “diabolism” is connected to spirituality that is aided or caused by Satan. It is common by human evaluation to relate the actions of killing someone, using blood for sacrifice, inflicting pains on individuals, acquiring wealth or riches through spiritual means to be Satanic. Isn’t it so?

Why did the aliens decided to name the ritualistic religious system of the African tradition diabolic? What did they see in the African religious system that they have not been read in the Bible?

Was there no blood sacrifice in the Bible? Exodus 29:20; Exodus 34:25; Leviticus 1:15

Was there no human sacrifice to Yahweh in the bible? Judges 11:30-39

Was there no ritualistic wealth or riches creation in the Bible? 2 Kings 4: 1- 7

Was there no ordering of the killing or annihilation of communities by Yahweh in the Bible? 1 Samuel 15: 2-8; Exodus 11: 5; 2 Kings 17:25

Was there no inflicting of pains on people in the Bible by Yahweh? What do you think the inflicted or victimized individuals and society will call the God that ordered their pains and dead; a good God or evil God? Exodus 9:13-14

Why are these Biblical actions called wonders, miracles, signs of a good God but the actions of done in the African context are called evil or diabolic? Are the aliens indirectly saying that Satan created the Africans and the good God created them?

Jesus Christ in the scripture clearly taught that by their fruit we shall know them and the deed of their father will they always do. Matthew 7:16, 20; John 8:44

The aliens used the African lands as the field of Racism.

They painfully enslaved our ancestors, tortured both the field and domestic slaves with chains and ankle shackles that created painful wounds on the legs of our ancestors, but the aliens never cared.

They gave our ancestors names of slavery and alienated ownership that will make them never to be able to locate their respective localities or roots. how can you tell if “Andrew or Emmanuel” is from Yakö or Yoruba or Igbo ?

They exchanged one Dane gun for Forty African slaves, one ceramic bowl for ten African slaves, one canon bomb for One hundred African slaves, one gun for Ten African slaves, one umbrella for Forty African slaves, one umbrella for Forty African slaves, and even used mirror for exchange of no specific number; the highest bidder gets the price.

They put our ancestors in Baracoon which is a Spanish word for dungeon, storehouse or slave home.

These were the same aliens that after doing these terrible Satanic and diabolic acts brought the second type of slavery called Christianity to weaken the descendants of the ancient African slaves never to be able to fight back or recall the historical alienated Satanism and still called our ancestors evil and our ancestral worship system fetish.

So, if diabolism is an action aided by the devil; who is diabolic; the Africans or the Aliens?

Sermons that promote unproven African diabolic activities have to stop. Meanwhile, what was their sense of evaluation that made them conclude that the African traditional system is diabolic when we have sufficient examples of diabolism in the Bible? On what scale their judgment passed?

The entire first born children in Egypt were killed by God Yahweh or the spiritual force Moses came back with. This wasn’t diabolic according to the alien’s religion but preached as a miracle and the super hand of Yahweh. Isn’t it so?

Pains of hail, locusts, bloody water, flies, etc on animals, crops and people. This wasn’t diabolic according to the alien’s religion but preached as a miracle and the super hand of Yahweh. Isn’t it so?

Four hundred and fifty prophets of Baal were massacred by Elijah during a spirito-religious context. Meanwhile, killing of anyone was not part of the terms and conditions of the context. They were to know who the superior God is. Isn’t it so? The action of Elijah was termed “Yahweh at work” not diabolic according to the alien’s religion.

Lions were ritualistically called out and consumed the people. This wasn’t diabolic according to the alien’s religion but preached as a miracle and the super hand of Yahweh. Isn’t it so?

Jephthah sacrificed his only virgin daughter which he vowed to Yahweh. All their theologians ended their expositions by saying that “Yahweh does not take human sacrifice”, but Baal does as if Jephthah made the vow to Baal. Maybe Yahweh accepted the vow of Jephthah and then now gave it to Ball, since Baal is the God that accepts human sacrifice. This wasn’t diabolic. Isn’t it so?

The poor widow made the abundant wealth that turned her ugly situation to beauty forever, by simply following the ritualistic processes of Elisha the Jewish prophet. This was termed miracle not diabolic or money or wealth rituals. Isn’t it so? If this same prayer and process is offered by a faithful African traditional priest, the alienated organization for money laundry will seek to arrest the beneficiary of such divine blessings. Isn’t it so?

Jesus used five loaves of bread and two fishes to feed five thousand men with the unknown number of female (women) and children and still have Twelve baskets left. This wasn’t diabolic but a miracle. Isn’t it so?

Jesus called back Lazarus and other allegedly dead people to life. This wasn’t diabolic but a miracle? Isn’t it so?

Jesus paid the temple tax by getting his coin from the mouth of the catch of Peter. This wasn’t diabolic but miracle. Isn’t it so? Could the Pharisees be right they said that he used the power of Beelzebub or Satan? Matthew 12:24

Elijah caused the rains not to rain for three and half years. This is the power of Yahweh and a true prophet; it is not diabolic. Isn’t it so?

Did you witnessed all these events yourself or you only read them and believed they were so and not as if your ancestors witnessed these events and then transmitted the information and believe system to you. Isn’t it so?

How did you come to the conclusion that African traditional practices are diabolic while those in the Biblical narratives are miracles, not carried by evil force or Satan?

African traditional system also detests events caused to happen by Satan. The African traditionalist also believed in the true work of the Almighty God and also believed that all healings, provisions and protections are done by God the Creator.

Why call the African system diabolic without tangible proof that the act was aided by Satan when there are so many biblical examples that ought to have qualified the actions of the Biblical God chosen people diabolic in all their practices?

The African traditionalist prays to the Almighty God and receives results after performing certain ritualistic processes which includes even prayers; his actions were called diabolic just because he did not end his prayers and processes the way you ended yours or did not carry out his rituals the way you carried yours.


“But there was a certain man, called Simon, which beforetime in the same city used sorcery, and bewitched the people of Samaria, giving out that himself was some great one: To whom they all gave heed, from the least to the greatest, saying, This man is the great power of God…” Acts 8:9-24

In the above Biblical narratives, Peter was presented as the one whose acts were aided by the good God while Simon acts were believed to be aided by the bad God, called Satan. Simon’s action in diabolism also includes exorcism. But can a demon cast out a demon?

“…Then certain of the vagabond Jews, exorcists, took upon them to call over them which had evil spirits the name of the Lord Jesus, saying, We adjure you by Jesus whom Paul preached. And there were seven sons of one Sceva, a Jew, and chief of the priests, which did so. And the evil spirit answered and said, Jesus I know, and Paul I know; but who are ye? And the man in whom the evil spirit was leaped on them, and overcame them, and prevailed against them, so that they fled out of that house naked and wounded. And this was known to all the Jews and Greeks also dwelling at Ephesus; and fear fell on them all and the name of the Lord Jesus was magnified…” Acts 19:1-19 

The difference between diabolism and miracle could be viewed in the sense that diabolism is a divine act put forward by mortals but aided or caused by an evil spiritual forces while Miracle is also a divine act put forward by mortal by aided or caused by a good spiritual forces.

So, what is the yardstick used to define the superhuman abilities of the Africans to be diabolic? Why do you think that the actions of the African seers or prophets or healers are diabolic when the Bible stated clearly the wicked and unmerciful actions or orders given by the Jewish God and yet some multi numerical religious groups have qualified the actions to be miracles and good?

Have you forgotten that about Four hundred Jewish prophets were possessed by a lying spirit or angel but only one prophet could tell the truth (1 Kings 22)? This might just be the case of African religiosity and spirituality with the so many religions in world.

Afrotheologie sincerely needs your criticisms and corrections.

We are Africans…



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