What You Need to Know the Puppeteer


According to Offline Dictionary of English “A puppeteer is one who uses a puppet. (figuratively), someone who is manipulative and thus able to get people to do what they want or events to develop in the way they want… “

It means, a puppeteer has a MANIPULATIVE spirit. He controls the puppet in such a way that his own personal interest is satisfied, even if the puppet is destroyed in the process, provided his self-interest is satisfied.

Whatever the puppeteer does for the puppet, is aimed at satisfying or fulfilling his (puppeteer) interest.

As far as the puppeteer is concern, the puppet has no vision, no goal, no aim, no purpose, whatsoever.

The goal, aim, purpose, vision of the puppeteer is what the puppet is manipulated to fulfill.

MANIPULATION benefits only the manipulator. It involves controlling or influencing a person or group of people through unfair or unscrupulous means.

Manipulation is NOT persuasion, because true persuasion follows a specific pattern of processes, methods, and tactics that will help the persuader and help others.

Manipulation does not create lasting relationship because in the course of time, it will be figured out, that the manipulator truly manipulated the people.

This is who the PUPPETEER is, he or she does not persuade. The Puppeteer believes that manipulation is the key to influence people, so he applies every unfair approaches or methods to get it done.

Sometimes, it is difficult to distinguish between persuasion and manipulation BUT the truth is that, the INTENT of the persuader or manipulator is what makes the difference.

The Puppeteer is surely a manipulator because he uses the unfair methods on the puppet to achieve his goals only.

The Puppeteer puts string of  CHAINS on the legs, hands, body, head and mouth of the puppet. So, he controls the legs, hands, body, head or reasoning, mouth or talking of the puppet.

The Puppeteer is a personification of COLONIALISM. Puppetry is no educational tool in totality as some educationists hold…it is a complete dramatic art of SLAVERY.

Puppetry tells the African child what the enslavers did to his ancestors.

There is no doubt that puppetry is traced to Africa (Egypt) but it’s aim was for peaceful  entertainment not slavery but when the aliens first saw it in Africa or possibly China, then, they invented the PUPPETRY OF PERPETUAL ENSLAVEMENT, which is the discuss today.

The aliens invented the puppetry of manipulation against the Africans. They have tired the legs, hands, bodies, heads, and mouths of African nations and their leaders with long chains that are connected to their headquarters, where they stay to comfortably control African nations.

Whatever the puppeteer wants the puppet to do, is what the puppet will do due to the influence of the puppeteer.

So, who is the puppet?

Many people in the ancient times see puppetry as witchcraft or magic  and worship to devil…puppeteers were feared in the ancient times but the enslavers have helped to nullify this notion that puppeteer are not witches or wizards and do not worship devil because the enslavers did not use magic on the African people rather what they used is the “Bloody Hand” method.

Kill, abuse, molest, divide and rule or control them. Some people call their method “Divide and Rule” but is actually the “Bloody Hand” method.

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